• A few notes before riding a motorcycle!

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    2022-05-19 07:21:14

    A few notes before riding a motorcycle!

    1. Attitude

    It is often said that attitude determines destiny. This phrase applies to our riding as well! Riding attitude directly affects your riding safety! Before setting off, fellow motorcycle riders must maintain a normal mind, and don't step on your mount when you are angry, that will not bring you any benefits, but will only add additional hidden dangers! When we are angry, why not stop the pace, or listen to a song, or smoke a cigarette to calm down before setting off, only a good mood is worthy of a good journey!

    2. Helmet

    A motorcycle friend of the club once joked: "You can ride naked, but you can't wear a helmet"! Although it's a joke, but we think about it carefully, it's not unreasonable. Motorcyclists all know that helmets are a must-have protective gear before we ride. Everyone should develop a habit, no matter if it's a short ride. Or daily commuting, helmets must be worn, maybe it is your carelessness, it may bring you unforgettable memories and shadows for a lifetime!

    3. Lighting

    This is a problem that is easy to be overlooked. Be sure to check whether every light source of the body is normal before departure! Some people think that it is enough that the motorcycle can illuminate the front, and the turn signals and tail lights do not matter! This kind of person is a type of person who does not care about the front or the back. When you turn or brake, the car behind cannot see the signal sent by your vehicle, and it is very likely that rear-end collision and scratching will occur! Therefore, riding a motorcycle can not only focus on the front, the rear situation is equally important!

    4. tires

    To quote a common saying: "I'm going to measure every inch of land with a wheel." So, before you set off, do you check the condition of your tires? Are the tires badly worn and are the tire pressure normal? These are the things to do before every departure! The editor found that some motorcyclists are very smart when they check the tires, and they can know whether the tires are normal with a kick! So, with your feet so good, why don't you play football? It is recommended that you prepare a tire pressure detector, after all, the numbers are more reliable than the feeling!

    5. Brake

    The quality of the brakes is directly related to your safety. Before we start each time, we need to squeeze the brakes a few more times to feel whether the force of the squeeze is the same as last time, and whether the steel wire is smooth. Line plays a maintenance role! The brake disc should also pay attention to check whether there are foreign objects or oil stains. If there is, it must be cleaned in time!

    6. Throttle and clutch cable

    Why do motorcycle friends have to prepare a throttle and a clutch cable when they travel long distances? Because these accessories are consumables, we have to develop the habit of pinching the accelerator and clutch a few times before we set off to feel whether they are different. If you don't pay attention, over time, the steel wire will easily break during driving, which will bring unpredictable consequences to our riding safety!

    7. chain adjustment

    The transmission of power needs to go through the chain. If the chain is too tight, it will aggravate the wear and tear of the size fly, and the chain may even be stretched during driving! If the chain is too loose, it will reduce the power transmission efficiency of the engine, and even the phenomenon of "dropping the chain" will occur during riding! Therefore, before departure, be sure to check whether the tension of the chain is normal, whether the chain is short of oil, etc...

    8. Fuel margin

    Motorcycle friends all know that the domestic refueling environment for motorcycles is not good. Many gas stations refuse to refuel motorcycles. Some gas stations require motorcycle friends to provide various certificates before refueling! So, no matter where you go, make sure the gas tank is full before you go, because you are not sure if the next gas station will be able to fill up the gas! Only at this time did I realize what a wonderful thing it is to have a motorcycle with a large fuel tank!

    9. Overall observation

    Regarding the preparations before departure, no matter how much you say, there will inevitably be omissions! At this time, you need to pay more attention to your car, and take the initiative to check the car, such as loose screws, thickness of brake pads, whether the shock absorber oil seal is aging, whether the oil level is sufficient, etc.! If you find a problem, deal with it in time to keep your car in a good state at all times!

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