• What do you need to pay attention to when driving an ATV?

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    2022-05-19 07:21:14

    What do you need to pay attention to when driving an ATV?

    Compared with ordinary motorcycles, ATV operation is simpler, and the safety factor is higher, more suitable for outdoor exercise. But as a means of transport, there must be some operational risk, so driving the ATV need to pay attention to the following points.

    1.  protective equipment, helmets, protective gear, knee pads, gloves, elbow, chest, goggles, etc. are necessary, especially the helmet, can effectively protect the most important body parts - the brain. Because the ATV's driving venues are complex terrain, there will inevitably be accompanied by risk, so the safety first, protective gear must be prepared.

    2.  before driving the security, first familiar with the bike throttle, brake, gear, clutch, turn strength, torque and all other properties, each time on the train, you should the vehicle throttle, brake, gear, clutch, brake Film, rear axle, tires (air pressure, screw) to check and confirm to ensure that the vehicle is fault-free, so whether you are indulging in landscape or flying in the game are free!

    3.  the driving position is correct, the correct driving position is the foot pedal on the pedal, the toes should be forward, knees hold the fuel tank, palm down, light grip handle, find a comfortable position after the body, eyes forward Heading.

    4.  the end of the inspection, do not forget to check the fuel tank, circuit, engine, light, etc. are normal, to confirm the normal shutdown of the engine and circuit and fuel tank switch, so as to make the life of the beach car longer, later more secure.

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